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In this interesting Portal Gun mod for Minecraft, a portal is created and after firing a special pistol, a portal opens and everything at a distance of 10 blocks disappears in this fantastic ... Read more »

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Map for Minecraft with mechanisms / Protection of the cake in the arena

You have to fight in the arena with 25 types of different zombies, after each completed level new types of zombies will appear, which will need to be destroyed. The arena will have 24 levels, it is possible to play with friends, the number of players is from 1 to 3 people, ... Read more »

For centuries, a mysterious entity known as


 Minecraft Slenderman mod / Free download / For version 1.5

This mod adds a new and dangerous hostile mob Slenderman to the Minecraft game , when it starts to attack you plunge into darkness and you have to engage in an unequal battle with a mysterious creature. ... Read more »

Aircraft mod for Minecraft

Mod for Minecraft Flan's Simple Parts Pack for Minecraft adds parts to the game for creating planes on which you will fly and travel the world. This pack adds new parts to Flan's Mod and if you don't have the mod installed, ... Read more »

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