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Download resource pack Default 3D - Volumetric textures

The texture pack does not replace all objects and blocks in the game, but at least most of them ... Read more »

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Realistic Minecraft with mods - Extreme Graphics

Realistic Minecraft with mods - This assembly contains one of the most beautiful and realistic combinations of shaders and textures, this implies support for normal maps and parallax effect, in other words, in this assembly you will see the most beautiful 3D textures in HD resolution 512x ... Read more »

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Download texture pack Realiscraft for MCPE 1.16

Most of the players want a change in Minecraft Bedrock. The developers are trying to give it through updates, but things are going too slowly. Therefore, fans are looking for addons and other innovations to make the game cooler ... Read more »

Minecraft PE mod Shark Biology 1.16 for Android

This mod adds five shark species to the game world. They will spawn in all large bodies of water in the game. Each of them poses a danger to the player if pissed off. More details below ... Read more »

Download Java 8 64 bit for Minecraft

Java is a popular programming language these days used to create and work with various programs. In addition, this technology ensures the correct and uninterrupted operation of many online applications right in your PC browser ... Read more »

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