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MacroKeybind Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Many players who played counter know what button bind is, and this mod performs the same functions, only for Minecraft and if you need to teleport to the spawn, return home or ... Read more »

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This is a very necessary mod, for example, if you go into a mine in search of valuable blocks, place a whole stack (64 pieces) of torches everywhere, which are sometimes necessary to illuminate the caves of ... Read more »

Download mod Lots of Food for Minecraft 1.7.10

When the desire comes to cook some kind of tasty treat, you simply cannot do without this mod, because ... Read more »

After launching the Minecraft game launcher, the game window and a picture with the "Mojang" logo are shown on the computer screen, and sometimes it seems that the Minecraft game is frozen, but to be 999% sure that the ... Read more »

Skins with cloaks by nicknames for Minecraft / Download Part 4

Oh, and kids! Sometimes you won't please, but we have tried our best, and prepared an excellent assembly of skins by nicknames, but not simple ones, but with ready-made ... Read more »

Download skins by nicknames for girls - Minecraft World

This excellent selection is compiled for girls who like to change clothes often and look stunningly beautiful, and you can choose any skin you like and go to the Minecraft server.


 Download collection of skins by nicknames for Minecraft

We have made for you an assembly of the coolest skins with nicknames ... Read more »

Free download Minecraft Forge

When you have a cool mod, but why can't you install it into the Minecraft game, then you have not installed this Minecraft Forget add-on, which allows you to add compatible mods with your version of the Minecraft ... Read more »