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Download Block Launcher Pro for Minecraft PE 1.2.10 for free

Download Block Launcher Pro for Minecraft PE 1.2.10 for free

The professional version of BlockLauncher Pro is an integral part for mobile users who want to make their own assembly and in which the best add-ons, scripts and mods for Minecraft PE will be added



If you are installing this application for the first time, then you will notice a small wrench icon at the top of the screen and when you click on it, an additional menu will open to choose how to install the pack texture, ModPE Script , take a screenshot or change the BL settings.


  • The first menu item will add texture pack. Here you can install the resource packs that come with the mods and basically they have the .zip extension.


  • In the second paragraph - Manage and add mods Minecraft PE , allows you to install mods with extensions .js (Javascript) .modpkg


  • The third paragraph makes it possible to take a screenshot of the screen in the game MCPE


  • In the fourth menu item, all the parameters of the multifunctional Block Launcher Pro for Minecraft PE are available.


When you install the Block Launcher Pro application, you can literally in less than a minute, add textures with beautiful and realistic graphics, install scripts found on the Internet for the game MCPE 1.2.10 .


Block Launcher Pro application uses javascript and therefore installing mods with magic, industrial add-ons, scripts with different machines or equipment will not take you much time. The more you install various modifications to the game, the more memory will be consumed by your smartphone based on the Android operating system .


 Thanks to BlockLauncher Pro, installing various add-ons will make your game so diverse and interesting that you can frolic for hours in it, build something or conduct various competitions in the cubic universe. 



Download from Google Drive

Download from Google Drive


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