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Download Mutant Creatures mod for Minecraft PE 1.2.8

Мод Mutant Creatures для Minecraft PE 1.2.8

     Mutant Creatures mod replace ordinary mobs with dangerous mutants and which will be harder to destroy, because they will have more health than in the classic version of , as well as the visual appearance of these monsters and some skills will be added, for example, skeletons will attack with five arrows at once , and creepers will do more damage after the explosion, so it’s not recommended to go close to these green animals.


Features of mutant mobs:

Creeper - Increased Damage

Мод Mutant Creatures для Minecraft PE 1.2.8

The skeleton was also added more lives and the ability to shoot with five arrows

Мод Mutant Creatures для Minecraft PE 1.2.8

Mutant Enderman - More Lives and Damage

Мод Mutant Creatures для Minecraft PE 1.2.8

Zombies - Improved Health
Mutant Iron Golem - Deals forty hearts of damage

Spiders and snowmen will become much more dangerous

Мод Mutant Creatures для Minecraft PE 1.2.8

Iron golems will help you in battles if you are attacked by other animals and if you want to get such an assistant, you need to collect a totem using one pumpkin and four iron blocks.


How to install a mod for Minecraft PE?
1. Install ES Explorer on your tablet or phone 
2. Download the archive with the mod and unzip it on your device.
2. Through ES Explorer, open the folder in which the mutant-creatures.mcaddon file with the mod is located and run the file 
3. In the game, go to settings and activate the new addon.






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