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How to install Optifine HD mod for Minecraft 1.17.1

How to install Optifine HD mod for Minecraft 1.17.1

There are numerous advantages of installing Optifine HD for Minecraft , so that users can easily optimize this multiplayer game, without any clever programming knowledge and other routine regarding scripts when creating further modifications for the gaming community.

You can enter both single user and multiplayer modes, because this add-on is not a major modification, and you can play on the official servers, since the Optifine HD mod only changes the graphics of the game.


How to install Optifine HD mod for Minecraft 1.17.1


This way, after installing Optifine, you will have access to several new features that greatly help improve your Minecraft performance. Graphical improvements are also noticeable. The installation of resource packs becomes optimized, which allows you to improve the detail of textures, as well as the installation of shaders in the Minecraft game will present users with the maximum and at the same time realistic graphics.


Optifine HD Mod for Minecraft version 1.17.1 - This is a unique solution to improve the gameplay, especially the graphical presentation, which even covers ultra-modern computers.


If you want to bring modern graphics settings with which you can adjust, turn off Minecraft's touch capabilities. 


In fact, on this page there is a quick guide to installing Optifine HD ultra modern version, and undoubtedly installing Optifine HD ultra in Minecraft will significantly increase the graphics of the game, making it much better. However, this type of mod, which also adds various video alternatives such as dynamic lighting to Minecraft controls, is not a shame. so this is the lack of the ability to install this creation on mobile devices.


How to install Optifine HD mod for Minecraft 1.17.1


Additional features that are involved in this popular application range from the implementation of graphics technologies with the addition of advanced OpenGL functionality to turn off lights, fog, animation, clouds, stars and sky.


As mentioned earlier, installing Optifine HD will not be difficult, and you just need to adjust the graphics after installation with minimal use and acceleration of FPS, and this is at your discretion which values ​​will be corrected or disabled in the Minecraft game menu.


How to install modification Optifine HD 1.17.1?
First of all, you need to focus on the fact that there are different versions of Optifine HD, which are divided to create the maximum graphics or the usual version to improve and stable work even on old PCs, but the Ultra Edition version is the most stable and most recommended version of the add-on, and when you will be taken to this page of the site, you will see previews and previous builds.


The main aspect for installing Optifine HD is the need to select a specific version of Minecraft Forget, with which in the future you will be able to add hundreds of different modifications to the game, as well as install the Optifine HD graphical add-ons, which is also compatible with your version of the installed Minecraft game.

You can enjoy all the benefits of installing Optifine in Minecraft, including installing various Shaders to improve graphics and adding popular textures that either optimize the game or add a more advanced engine to the cube travel gaming environment without significantly impacting the performance of your personal computer.


Let's start installing Optifine HD and other modifications, but first, go to the Minecraft Forge 1.17.1 download page  for Windows.


After downloading Minecraft forge, you need to open the automatic installer and then select for what purposes you want to install, for example, for the server and the regular version for the PC, and by default, the value "Install client" is already added to the installer settings , and now click the "Ok", And the installation process will start immediately, while all the necessary Java libraries will be added to the folder with the Minecraft game.


Now go to the Optifine HD  download page or download the new version added in this material download the new version of this modification, and now after downloading the main file, follow the instructions shown on the page with the Optifine HD 1.17.1 add-on.

If the /mods folder does not exist, you can create it as follows:
For Windows operating systems, use the CTRL + SHIFT + N shortcut . This will create a new folder on your computer. Enter the word "mods" in the tiny dialog menu, then press "Enter", and in the future, you should have a separate folder on your PC where you can add thousands of modifications.


When you start the official Minecraft launcher, a pop-up window will appear on the screen with a message that the version you are about to play does not support the latest security features for the player, but this is just a regular notification for users that you should not pay attention to, and in order to skip and message, put a tick next to the inscription (I understand the risks. Do not warn me about this installation ), and then click the "Play" button .

How to use Optifine?
You can start Minecraft right after installing Optifine HD Ultra. Start the Minecraft game and go to the "Optionsbutton and then click on "Video Settings". Here you will see options that were not there before, since now more advanced graphics settings will appear in the game menu, to disable or enable animation, lighting, texture settings, change the visual effects of the Sun or Moon , but if you are interested in which version is installed and Optifine HD, to do this, press the F3 button on your keyboard.

Now suppose the Shaders option is not available in the Video Settings menu . In this case, you installed an unstable version of Minecraft Forge, or when installing this mod, additional files were not loaded for stable operation of Optifine HD and other modifications.

The Optifine HD modification adds compatibility to the Minecraft game of installing shaders, and if you found shaders on the site that were created for version 1.16.5, you can also install these special effects for the updated version of the game 1.17.1, so you should also check out correct installation of shaders.


On this page of the site you can download the Optifine HD Ultra G9 pre33 version, and if you are not going to install hundreds of modifications, but just want to improve the gameplay of the game and add shaders, as well as realistic textures, then we recommend installing Optifine without adding the Minecraft modification to the game Forge and to install a separate version of the Optifine graphics engine, after launching the downloaded file, click on the (Install) button and then, when you turn on the Minecraft game launcher, select the installed version in the section of your profiles created for creativity, role-playing games or traveling across cubic spaces.


And so, let's not be verbose and in short, literally in three steps, we will install Optifine HD on a personal computer:

  1. Open the downloaded Optifine HD mod and click the "Install" button
  2. Start the Minecraft game launcher
  3. In the Minecraft launcher settings, select create a new profile, and add the preview OptiFine 1.17.1 HD U G9 pre33

Save the changed values ​​and click the "Playbutton


Download from Google Drive

Скачать с Google диска

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