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How to install Minecraft skin? On PC, Xbox, PlayStation

How to install Minecraft skin? On PC, Xbox, PlayStation

The initial choice of character for Minecraft is a fascinating process that will help you to fully enjoy the game. You can choose from a variety of ready-made skins on the Internet and run it on your computer, Xbox , Android or PlayStation 



Select a new skin or skin assembly and add it to the game. The variety of sites where you can get free skins is huge. So it's not a problem to find the right clothes and help your character to find his own individuality. 



And so, what you need to start is to find the site where you want to find the skin you like. Once you have chosen a skin, you must download it to your computer. When prompted to save the file, make sure that the name of the file that you run in your download folder has the extension .png, which you will need to install later. 



To upload your Minecraft skin to PC

  • Launch Minecraft Launcher and select skins in the main menu. 
  • Click the " Browse Skin " button
  • Go to the Downloads folder or to the folder where you saved the .png file , and select the new skin. 
  • Save the changes. 


Now in the future, when you next load the game or create a new one, your character will wear a new dress. 



In order to choose a skin for the Xbox One, you just need to follow the recommendations

  • Go to Minecraft Offer
  • Get a package of skins, the download of which will take at least a second.
  • Exit the toolbar. 
  • Next, find the inscription " Help and options ." 
  • Click " Change Skin "
  • Choose from a variety of skins. 
  • When the desired skin is selected, you can go back and play the game.



Installing the skin for the PlayStation and for this you need a computer and most importantly a USB flash drive.
Before you experiment, we recommend that you save all your game data by copying it to a separate USB flash drive.


How to set PlayStation skin?

  • Load your skin on PK. 
  • those downloaded skin pack from computer to USB flash drive; Copy
  • Now connect the USB flash drive to the PS4
  • May backup utility or restore via USB flash drive. Go to the settings on the PlayStation and click
  • Select a skin pack and follow the instructions. 
  • Reboot the PS4 console.


Then after rebooting, go to the PlayStation Store ,  re-download the game Minecraft and the new skin pack will already be added. 


   There are many sites where you can find skins for the game Minecraft , thus, using our tips, you can easily install the new package. 


     Enjoy the process of choosing the perfect skin in the game world and add to your character Minecraft personality that he really deserves.



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