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How to install mods for Minecraft PE on Android

How to install mods for Minecraft PE on Android

If you just started playing or don’t know how to install Minecraft PE mods, this article will be very interesting for you. In it, we will try to clearly tell you how to properly install mods in Minecraft PE. This process is very simple and does not require special knowledge and special skills of .


The first thing you need is to install BlockLauncher PRO on your tablet.

Files with mods are in .js resolution, so if you downloaded the archive you need to unzip it or rather tell it to unzip it to any convenient place on your phone or tablet.


Let's start:
1. Launch BlockLauncher PRO and click the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select “BL Settings”;
2. In the settings, locate and select the “ModPE Script” switch
3. Press the wrench again and enter the menu with the name “ModPE Script”.
4. Next, you need to select the path where the file is located on your device.


The second option to install mods on Android, in that case the mod file has the extension .mcpack
1. Install via Google Play ES Explorer
2. Open the installed ES Explorer and using this application open the file with the extension .mcpack


After the actions taken on Android, the Minecraft PE game will open and import of the mod into the cubic world will begin, the inscription about the successful addition of the mod to the game will be at the very top of the game screen.


3. Go to the game settings, click "Global Settings" and add the installed mods, shaders and other modifications to the side, so the new mod that was imported into the game was at the top.


The installation process is completed, now you can start the game using the Block launcher and frolic in the cubic Minecraft game with new mods.

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