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Download for free and without registration Minecraft 1.8

Download Minecraft 1.8 for free and without registration

Players who have already played Minecraft for more than two years know that this was only the initial stage before the release of Minecraft 1.8, but it was, as they say, just one of the first sketches to see how much this building game from the company Mojang Specifications and developer Markus Persona will be of interest to players of the multiplayer online game and after beta tests of this version, it turned out that the game is quite promising and they continued to add different blocks, things, mobs, it is possible to integrate the game with the popular service "twitch" and many other changes that were made during this time. And we present to your attention the full version of Minecraft 1.8 which was released on September 2, 2014, which added a lot of new and intriguing for fans of this online construction game.



Let's start slowly listing some of the innovations that have been made to Minecraft 1.8.

The push buttons can be placed on top or bottom of the block, be it wood or stone.

When you move from one world to another, you will have the opportunity to make different texture packs in each of the worlds both for the ordinary world and for others (this is how they say it for an amateur).

The game now has a function to change the player's skin. In this menu you can customize the appearance of the skin and disable or enable the cloak in the game Minecraft 1.8

Now when you travel by boat on the sea or stand on the shore with a fishing rod to fish, you will hear a new sound, or rather the sound of the sea.

Changed enchanting mode.

Added additional types of doors.

New blocks added:

  • Granite of different types
  • White diorite
  • Gray andesite
  • Added rabbit spawn
  • Crystal
  • Prismarine blocks
  • Sea lantern
  • In the underwater fortress, you can now fight the guard.
  • Slime block, will be somewhat similar to a regular slug, only the size of a regular block
  • Fences
  • Armor hanger, which could previously only be seen after installing an additional mod.
  • Added iron hatch (Opens with redstone)
  • In the open ocean you can now see an underwater fortress and other innovations that will delight the players of this online construction game Minecraft 1.8.
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