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Download server assembly 1.7.2 1.6.4 Survival and PvP
Download the finished Russian server assembly 1.7.2, 1.6.4


This is an excellent assembly of the Minecraft server who did his best and made a unique assembly of the finished server, in which you do not need to translate anything, an improved core is built in and, if desired You can create your own server and invite people to play, or just play with friends on your new server.


Improvements in this server version:
  • When the server shuts down for reasons independent of you, after that the server will automatically restart The server
will run on any operating system
  • Added a very powerful Spigot core
  • You will have available updates
  • When any of the exploding block explodes, the player does not take damage
  • When one of the players wants Set you on fire with a lighter or take a bucket of lava, you will also be protected from damage
  • Russification of all plugins
  • Protection from cheaters Anti X-Ray

Plugins included in this assembly:
  • AutoMessage - Configurable automatic messages to be shown to players
  • NoCheatPlus - Now no cheater can bully on your
  • WorldEdit server - You can edit the world
  • WorldGuard - This plugin creates regions and protects your territory from griefers
  • ClearLag - The server will work optimized
  • NoobProtector - If a new player logs into the server he will be protected from PvP
  • EssentialsChat - Installed chat
  • EssentialsSpawn - Configure spawn
  • McJobs - This plugin is required in order for players to make money on the ProtocolLib server Needed for the correct operation of other
  • WorldBorder plugins - You can limit the world as much as you need
  • ClearWorld - Removing unnecessary regions on the
  • WGFix server - Automatic installation of various
  • Vault functions - API Also required for the normal operation of
  • CPFix plugins - Russian characters will now be displayed without errors
  • Essentials - Do not know or forgot the commands, then this plugin will help you
  • EssentialsGroupManager - Setting rights for
  • ChatGuard players - Your spam will be protected from ads, mat, spam
  • AuthMe - The necessary plugin for authorization
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