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Textures Veristicraft for Minecraft 1.14

Textures Veristicraft for Minecraft 1.14

Textures Veristicraft - This is a great package that, at this time of adding this theme, has already begun to receive positive feedback from fans of Minecraft .



Textures Veristicraft for Minecraft 1.14



This is a texture package, developed with very realistic graphics, and although there are other similar resources, so this package is not unique, and something special, but Veristicraft textures are still a package that still turned to the gaming community of Minecraft , both basically the whole concept and design is incredibly elegant, so he comes with a collectible shaders , which also has a realistic quality and style at the same time transforming the traditional game Minecraft more colorful and splendor th atmosphere.

Textures Veristicraft for Minecraft 1.14

Textures Veristicraft for Minecraft 1.14



The resource package Veristicraft contains textures that are fully equipped with small particles, and the most exciting part is that it manages to eliminate the poor-quality display of graphic textures, while adding an exceptional amount of 3D graphics to them. 

Textures Veristicraft for Minecraft 1.14



There is one flaw that many fans have seen in realistic textures, and this minor snag is that their packages can be quite varied and saturated with various color shades that are added to them, but this is by no means related to this texture package. and therefore it offers a beautiful style, after which the fans will certainly be delighted.

Textures Veristicraft for Minecraft 1.14


Veristicraft resources are available for download at 128 × 128 graphic resolutions , and it is certainly nice to have different packages to choose from, as players with simple computers can use this version to get higher frame rates, whereas with a powerful computer these textures will work perfectly.



How to set textures?

  • Download the archive with textures
  • Next, go to the folder with the game Minecraft
  • Copy the .zip file with the textures to the .minecraft / resourcepacks directory
  • We go into the game and in the settings activate the resource pack


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6 AndroidCraft   [Material]
There is an updated resource pack, which more or less diversifies the game

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5 Prosto Nub   [Material]
Hooray, it happened, you at least added something new cool

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4 Megakriptanoid   [Material]
cool  up

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3 Craft Zombi   [Material]
I don’t like what it’s kind of unclear

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2 Pocket Jango   [Material]
add more cartoonish textures for 1.14 pliz  help

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1 Radgik Crafter   [Material]
four is not bigger, don't you think that the dull background is here

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