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Turrets Security Base mod for Minecraft PE 1.2.8

The Turrets Security Base mod will help you create an elite defense and make the security of your fortress at the highest level, so that even a little animal, called a creeper, can’t pick up and smash half of your cozy house, because these towers can be placed around the entire territory in the cube game Minecraft PE . 


     To get started, install a dozen rifle turrets around the perimeter, and when hostile animals approach, they will automatically attack the whole flock of zombies, which will not be able to come close to your mansion. 


You will have five models of different defenses and which have their own unique type of weapon or shell. 


     You can improve towers by adding more enhanced damage, attack speed, firing range and add more health. 


We believe that towers are a better way to secure your territory than to set traps from different mechanical structures.


Features of the mod:
- You can improve the tower with diamonds
- All towers are replaced with a shulker
- When creating a shulker, instead you will have a first-level battle tower
- Towers can be healed if you throw potions with enchantment
- You can use the Gunpowder item to upgrade the tower to the second level


- The Black Tower - This tower does impressive damage
- The Pink Tower - The tower was created to heal the player if he is not nearby, somewhere within three or four blocks
- The Blue Tower - Deals damage with arrows
- The Yellow Tower - Attacks with lightning
- The Green Tower - shoots fireballs


- Unzip the archive
- Run the files Turrets-Security-Base-Minecraft-PE-Mod.mcpack  and  Turrets-Security-Base-Minecraft-PE-Teksturi.mcpack through ES Explorer, which automatically imports the mod for Minecraft PE 1.2.8


After import, go to the game settings, click on “Global Resources” and see the textures that you need to add and click on the plus in the right column, then click the play button, create a world and click on the button where there is an inscription “Resource Sets” and there is a mod that also need to activate.


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