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The company Mojang, which is engaged in the creation of video games, decided to please us again with a new version of Minecraft 1.7.4.
What can be said about this version is that there are no significant improvements in this version, or, more precisely, the melody in the main menu has been changed, in some worlds you will hear completely new music and in creative mode the same way, the Mojang screensaver has also been changed when loading the game, added a new mob Zombie Rider, and if you meet such a mob, then consider that you are very lucky, because it is very difficult to find, streaming on Twitch.tv has also been added, only this innovation will not be appreciated users who have installed the operating system Windows XP, thanks to which you can record a microphone.


Installation instructions or how to install Minecraft 1.7.4 correctly:
  • Download and unpack the archive.
  • Copy the .minecraft folder

for Windows 8, 7, Vista - C:/Users/User name/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft

for Windows XP - C:/Documents and Settings/User name/Application Data/.minecraft

  • Run the Minecraft Launcher.exe file
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This is an old version, but most importantly, it works great on old computers

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