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Download Flan's pack for Minecraft 1.7.10 - Weapons, machines, military equipment

Minecraft game - This is a cubic sandbox. In this game you will overwhelm all the annoying mobs, which sometimes get confused and do not allow you to calmly build a beautiful mansion overlooking the open ocean .



     Minecraft game is unique in its own way, since the whole process of the game is made so that the game has many different blocks from which, you can make cubic things, craft armor from the most durable ores, create an enchanted sword or build complex mechanisms.



     There are a lot of different blocks in the game, and with the help of a special subject in the game you can combine one block in with the others, and you will be able to build fantastic creations in the cubic world.



     The game has two types of measurements, not counting the installed mods, which can be added and after that, the number of new biomes will grow at least twice.


     The graphics in the Minecraft game sometimes seem dull and square, but to fix this defect, you can add additional shaders or textures that will set realistic graphics.


     As for the mods that are installed, then you have already added the special Minecraft Forge  mod . This is a special library that is available to advanced players and thanks to which other mods are added.


     If you are already bored of wandering around the cubic expanses and contemplating the deserted streets of the town, then you will surely find excellent maps for yourself   with ready-made buildings.


      All the necessary add-ons for the game can be found on the portal dedicated to the multiplayer game and download Minecraft with the best mods , where there are skins for your character created by cartoons or fantastic comics, install realistic textures with 3D graphics in the game , add a couple of dozen add-ons with technology , magic or industrial mod , as well as establish the preservation of the game with built houses or epic fortresses.



In one of the topics, we already added a game assembly with installed mods and, at the request of Minecraft fans who are looking for elite add-ons and the best mods with cars, helicopters, airplanes or weapons, we present a collection of mods in the amount of 15 pieces.



Build Features:

  • Spino's Vehicles - Sports Cars
  • Alcara - Mod with realistic cars
  • Battlefield - Technique
  • British Military - Military equipment
  • Canadian weapons - Build Cubic Weapons
  • Fallout Flans - 3D weapons
  • Flans simple - Spare parts for mod
  • Flans Zombie - Zombie Apocalypse
  • WW2 Content - Cubic Arsenal
  • Global Firestorm - Military Arsenal of Weapons
  • Greylight - Flan's Pack 
  • Halo - Fantastic Weapons
  • Modern Warfare - Realistic weapons from 3D games
  • Motor - Cars
  • Robocop - Fantastic Robots


How to install the mod correctly:

1. Install Minecraft Forge (version recommended )

2. Download the archive with mods

Google drive

Yandex drive

3. Unzip the downloaded archive with the mod. You will have two folders Flan and mods, in which there are all the necessary files for the normal operation of the mod.

4. Copy these folders to the Minecraft game directory to get .minecraft / Flan and .minecraft / mods


The mod is installed! Now you can start the game and start sports with new mods.

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everything is clear, only the computer slows down a little, if you install all the mods, you probably should add more RAM

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This is just great! Now install on your Minecraft server, see what happens: shades:

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