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Minecraft PE mod Shark Biology 1.16 for Android

This mod adds five shark species to the game world. They will spawn in all large bodies of water in the game. Each of them poses a danger to the player if pissed off. More details below ... Read more »

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Mod Ender Creeper for MCPE 1.16 on Android

Ender Creeper is a mod for Minecraft on Android that will add mob to the world of the End. A new type of creeper can now be easily encountered there. It differs in texture, which has been adapted for another world ... Read more »

Mod Ballisticcraft for MCPE 1.16 on Android

BallisticCraft is a Minecraft mod for Android, which can be called a global mod. Several different items will appear that can be very useful in survival. All items and tools are crafted, which allows you to create them as you progress through the game. In addition, you can enter the command /function giveall to get almost all functional items and weapons ... Read more »

Mod Parkour Concept for Minecraft PE 1.16 on Android

Parkour Concept Pack is a mod MCPE for Android that will appeal to all parkour lovers. It will add various timers, counters and checkpoints. With the help of the add-on, it will be possible to easily create maps, compete with friends, and create new and interesting modes. It is worth noting that for the mod to work, you must activate the cheat mode ... Read more »

Mod Car Tesla Model Y for Minecraft PE 1.16

This mod will add to the Minecraft game on Android a new version of the famous Tesla brand called Y, which can accommodate up five people. This car will fit perfectly when playing on city tracks or can be a great exhibit for your collection ... Read more »

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