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Are you tired of wandering around the Internet for hours and looking for a working launcher? Or, having found a good client, you can't put together a normal assembly with mods for the new version of Minecraft 1.6.2, in which you can hardly install any mod? If so, then you've come to the right place. We present to your attention the assembly of the Minecraft client with a new working launcher and 19 mods in the kit, which does not ask for a username and password, you just need to specify your nickname in the game and play with your friends on a local network or online via the Internet or build your works of art, in this popular and exciting multiplayer game, which, thanks to the Mojang Specifications company, has already conquered thousands of players from all over the world and a little preface before you start reading about the mods that are in this Minecraft build.


 There are all the necessary additions here so that you can add the mod you are interested in to this assembly, whether it be a mod for weapons, airplanes, car tanks, or, for example, new mobs, items, things, fantastic swords and other add-ons that you can install without difficulty. for you need to download the desired mod from the Internet and drop the .minecraft/mods folder and then you can play with the new added mods in this Minecraft assembly  and after that you can play with the newly added mods in this Minecraft assembly .minecraft/mods and after that you can play with the newly added mods in this Minecraft assembly.


Here is a list of mods and their descriptions that were included in this build of the Minecraft 1.6.2 client:
  • Minecraft Forge, Forge ModLoader, Minecraft Coder Pack - These mods are an integral part for the installation and correct operation of other mods in the game, with which you can easily install any mod you like into the Minecraft game.
  • Too Many Items - A mod with which you can change the game mode, set the day, evening or night, and most importantly, after pressing the "E" button, you will have in stock all the items you wish that will be useful for building a multi-storey building or super cool hotel, even including those things that are already bundled with the installed mods and these can be various items, things, epic swords, spare parts for creating a fighter, and so on.
  • ReiMinimap - In the upper right corner you will have a map, which will show the nearest area, the mod you need in order not to accidentally get lost on the map and then look for a very long time where your structures have gone.
  • Wolf Locator Mod - In the upper left corner of the screen, the coordinates of the location of the wolf will be shown, to disable this mod, press the "F12" button, if there is not a single wolf nearby, then an inscription will only be displayed informing about this and a proposal to disable the mod. This is very useful if you want to find wolves and tame them so that they protect your house from uninvited mobs that try to attack your mansion in the evening.
  • Minechess Mod - Chess mod, in order to play chess, you first need to put the board and the pieces will arrange themselves on the playing field, then select special pointers for black or white and right-click on the piece and select the direction of movement, then press the left mouse button, if pieces do not move, try to make a move with white first, you can also play as a single game by playing white and black pieces, with a computer or open access for playing with friends over the network, a chessboard can be generated when creating a card anywhere, even in underground mines.
  • Crossbow mod - You will have many types of crossbows made from diamonds, iron and other materials and shooting different types of ores or fire, and you also have special explosive arrowheads that increase damage to fight mobs. Each type of arrow causes a variety of damage and the stronger the material, for example a diamond, the more damage will be done to mobs, but if you want to have a little fun then make arrows that, when they hit the mob, will light up and after a while this mob will be destroyed and you can safely continue hunt or build a wheat farm house.
  • Craftguide Mod - This mod adds a lot of recipes to the game and now there is no need to leave the game to watch how to craft an item, in order to open the recipe book you need to press the "G" button on the keyboard.


  • Parachute Mod - The game has the ability to jump from a parachute from any height, to activate, take the parachute in your hand and right-click. An excellent mod that fans will surely like, fly on airplanes in the Minecraft game and then slowly jump with a parachute from the maximum height.


  • More Explosives Mod - Adds different types of explosives, ranging from grenades, bombs with a timer and explosives that can blow everything within a radius of 130 blocks and leave behind only a huge pit in which you can find underground mines, reaching straight to the admin, there are still dangerous mines stepping on which explode with such a radius as ordinary explosives, only after the explosion, arrows fly in different directions, in order to surely destroy the target, it is well suited for trapping on various mobs such as spiders or zombies.


  • Lantern Mod - If you are tired of ordinary torches, you can put special glowing lamps at night, which will illuminate the area much brighter and add a little more realism to the gameplay.
  • Printerblock Mod - Mini printer, you need to craft a small block, right-click on the block and then come up with an inscription or a picture, then click "Print". All blocks will be made of wool, of the colors that you used when creating the picture and displayed in the direction where the arrow points on the block, for example, one of the screenshots here on the page contains the word "Printer", which was made using this mod for Minecraft 1.6.2.
Printer / Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2
  • Rikmulds Camping Mods - The mod adds special camping items if you are far from home and you need to light a fire, put up a tent, or, for example, carry a lot of things that do not fit into your inventory, for this you will have a backpack in which you can put the remaining things in the dark days nearby you will be able to notice the same tents, near which civilians will walk, or you can say the travelers who were added by the developers of this mod.
  • Warfield 3 Weapons Mod  - This mod has a large number of weapons such as sniper rifles, bazookas, machine guns, armor-piercing cartridges that knock down an elephant and so on.
  • Weee Flowers Mod - Many varieties of flowers, for those who like to decorate the interior of the house or the lawn in their yard.
  • ICMB Mod - The mod adds improved missiles by going up to the rocket and right-clicking you can specify the coordinates and the rocket will fly to attack the target, and this is just a small part of the possibilities of this mod and if you want to destroy the enemy house or flock at a distance of 120, 230 or 410 blocks hostile mobs, then you only need to specify the correct coordinates and set up the satellite radar and press the start button and all the mobs and buildings in this radius will be destroyed.
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    If you wish, you can delete unnecessary mods that only add unnecessary things and which are of no use, you can do this by going to the folder with the installed Minecraft game, open the "mods" folder and delete the archive with the mod or add additional mods to the same folder, and if, after installing a new mod that you decided to add to this assembly, Minecraft does not work for you, then you need to remove the new mod that you added and start the game again.

    This version of the Minecraft game supports the installation of mods that work with Minecraft Forge , if you copy mods that are compatible with ModLoader to this folder , at best the game will start but errors will be shown or will not see this mod at all.

    There is one small drawback in this version, Minecraft Forge conflicts with the Too Many Items mod and when you first start the saved map, it gives errors, then the screen will ask you whether to continue loading the map or not? After clicking on the continue button, the game starts normally, but if someone gets tired of watching these inscriptions, you can simply go to the game folder, find the " mods " folder there and delete the " TooManyItems2013_07 ..... " archive , and errors pop up immediately will stop, the same applies to those mods that you yourself decide to add to the Minecraft game.

Installation instructions or how to properly install Minecraft 1.6.2 assembly with mods:


Download the game and unpack it to the .minecraft folder

  • for Windows 8, 7, Vista - C:/Users/Your name on the computer/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft
  • for Windows XP - C:/Documents and Settings/Your name on the computer/Application Data/.minecraft
  • For the game to work normally, you need to specify the directory where you have installed the Minecraft game when you first start the launcher, if you accidentally clicked cancel and closed the window or did not specify the correct folder with the game, you need to completely close the window of the launched launcher, open the " .minecraft " folder and delete the " KeiNett_Launch.properties " file , after which, start the launcher again and register the correct directory with the game, if you specify an incorrect folder, the game will start without installed mods.
Working version Minecraft 1.6.2 / Free Download
  • After you have specified the directory with the game and launched Minecraft Launcher, in the upper right corner of the launcher, you should have the inscription Version: realease 1.6.2-Forge9.10.0.819 as shown in the screenshot, if there is no such inscription, but only Version: realease 1.6.2, in this case you need to click the Edit Profile button , select the desired version with the mods realease 1.6.2-Forge9 and click Save Profile.
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     In order to change the nickname "login" in the game, you do not need to do many different edits to text files as in the previous launcher, you just need to click on the Log Out button, change the nickname and click Play Offline.

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