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Minecraft mod helicopter / Minecraft client 1.6.2 with 31 mods
Minecraft client with mods - This is another build of the launcher for Minecraft 1.6.2 with the most popular mods will delight fans of flying on combat helicopters, ride on real super-high-speed trains, you can feel the powerful speed when riding sports motorcycles or transfer to an enchanted plane and become a wizard who doesn't care about everything ... Read more »

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Explosive mod for Minecraft 1.6.2 / Build a launcher with mods

Are you tired of wandering around the Internet for hours and looking for a working launcher? Or, having found a good client, you can't put together a normal assembly with mods for the new version of Minecraft 1.6.2, in which you can hardly install any mod? If so, then you've come to the right place. We present to your attention the assembly of the Minecraft client with a new working launcher and 19 mods in the kit, which does not ask for a username and password, you just need to specify your nickname in the game and play with your friends on a local network or online via the Internet or build your works of art, in this popular and exciting multiplayer game, which, thanks to the Mojang Specifications company, has already conquered thousands of players from all over the world and a little preface before you start reading about the mods that are in this Minecraft build.


 There are all the necessary additions here so that you can add the mod you are interested in to this assembly, whether it be a mod for weapons, airplanes, car tanks, or, for example, new mobs, items, things, fantastic swords and other add-ons that you can install without difficulty. for you need to download the desired mod from the Internet and drop the .minecraft/mods folder and then you can play with the new added mods in this Minecraft assembly  ... Read more »

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Download Minecraft 1.6.2 / TooManyItems Mod
The developers of the popular online game decided to release another update to the Minecraft game, and despite the numerous changes and improvements that were made in previous versions, the Mojang Specifications company continues to amaze with its creative resourcefulness, as well as realistic changes ... Read more »

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