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Download Mo'Creatures mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

Werewolves / Mo Creatures Minecraft Mod 1.5.2

The mod for Minecraft will fill your game with a huge number of new, dangerous and friendly mobs which you have not yet seen. In this mod there is a setting of functions, you can turn off unnecessary animals or leave them, as well as tame them by making them friendly . 


The developers of this mod decided to make lianas twice as much that you can meet both day and night. Maud Mo'Creatures add to the diversity of gameplay and advanced realistic behavior of mobs.



Now with this mod the game will become more exciting and be on the alert, as there are very dangerous types of hostile mobs that do not like when they are hunted.



New mobs and monsters in the Mo'Creatures Mod for Minecraft mod:

Download mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 / Crocodiles

Crocodiles live in swamps or near water. If you see a crocodile and it doesn’t move, do not try to approach it, because it has a speed of movement much more than you think and grabbing the prey it will pull straight into the water, and you will not have enough air and even the chance that you can kill almost none.

Sharks: A
Minecraft Mod 1.5.2 / Sharks

shark is a dangerous mob living in the water, and eats everything that gets in its way.

Wolves / Mod for Minicraft 1.5.2

If you see a wolf at night, you better get a sword and put on armor right away, as it will immediately attack you, and in the daytime it’s friendly mobs, unless of course you provoke them yourself. During the day, wolves are mostly occupied with easier prey (cows, sheep and other types of mobs).

Ice Golem: A
Ice Golem / Mo Creatures mod for Minicraft 1.5.2

golem is a hostile species of mobs and spawns at night. Fighting with him will not be so easy. You need to aim at the chest, it is recommended to stock up on arrows and attack at a long distance, in close combat the Golem is very strong and it will be difficult for you to defeat it. Golem weapons in ranged combat are block throws. After the Golem is damaged for restoration, he will pick up blocks for healing.

Butterflies / Mod Minicraft 1.5.2 / Even more new animals

Beautiful creatures to decorate nature.

Raccoon / Minecraft mod 1.5.2

Komodo Dragons:
Dragons / Minecraft mod

The historic extinct species of Komodo dragons. This dragon is a hostile mob, it attacks other mods and can attack the player, his most important weapon is fatal poisoning, his task is to capture the prey and cause her maximum damage. These dragons have a prolapse of eggs. You can ride tamed dragons with a saddle.

Goats / Minecraft mod

Elephants / Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

Elephants can be tamed to give them 8 slices of sugar or 5 slices of cake.
Tamed elephants are healed by bread or baked potatoes.

You can ride on tamed elephants:

Medallion / MoCreatures / Minecraft Mod

Free Download / Minecraft Mod 1.5.2 Free / Elephants

Elephant Riding / Minecraft Mod 1.5.2

When you travel on an elephant you can grab a chest :)
Minecraft mod 1.5.2 / Mo Creatures

Rope / Minecraft mod 1.5.2 / Download

Wooden Tusks :
Minecraft against 1.5.2

Iron tusks:
Against Minecraft 1.5.2

Diamond tusks:
Download minecraft mod / ride elephants

Download Minecraft mod 1.5.2 / New monsters and mobs

If you put this platform on a mammoth, it can carry two players.

- Wyverns (poisonous dragons )
Dragons / Minecraft mod 1.5.2

You can get an egg from a wyvern after killing, probably a 10% egg loss.

Recipe for creating a wand (eye of the edge, fire wand and horn) that opens a portal to the Wyvern's den. The portal needs to be built only from quartz blocks.

Quartz Portal / Minecraft Mod 1.5.2

Silver Skeletons:
Skeletons / Minecraft mod 1.5.2 / Mo Creatures

Very aggressive, hostile mods that appear at night or in dark places. The speed of movement of these skeletons is much greater than that of the player, they can throw silver swords and bones.

Little Iron Golem:
Iron Golem / New Monsters in Minecraft 1.5.2

Appear at night and throw stones.

Recipe for a fishing net for fish:
Mo Creatures / Even more mobs for MInecraft 1.5.2 / Fish

Crabs / Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

Crabs spawn near the beach, near the water, they can be tamed using fishing nets.

Bears / Minecraft mod 1.5.2

There are four types of bears - Polar bears which you can find in winter biomes and you need to be careful as they prey on players, grizzly bears and black bears can attack if provoked and the fourth kind of bear is a panda friendly mob does not show any aggression to the player, loves to eat sugarcane.

Eater / Minecraft mod 1.5.2 / Mo Creatures

This mob destroys blocks and can create blocks from obsidian.

Wild boars:
Wild boars / More mobs for Minecraft / Mods 1.5.2

When they hunt other animals, do not come close, otherwise they will attack you.

Birds / Minecraft mod 1.5.2

Birds / Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 / Mo Creatures

Download mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

Download mod for Maycraft 1.5.2 / Birds

Crows, pigeons, cardinal and Canary birds, they can be tamed by giving them seeds, after taming they will not fly far from you.

Rats / Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

Rats attack the player at night, in caves or in places, if you inflict damage on one rat, the entire flock that is nearby will attack you.

Cave block exterminator:
Block destroyer / Minecraft mod 1.5.2 / Mo Creatures

This mob has a large radius of destruction of blocks, breaks everything, knows how to create diamond blocks.

Jellyfish / Minecraft Mod 1.5.2 / Free Download

If you are very close to jellyfish you can take poisoning damage, this in itself is a friendly kind of mobs that do not attack themselves.

Download mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

Before riding horses you need to tame them, after you tame them they will follow you. In this mod there are so many types of horses.

For a horse you need to craft a riding saddle, you need to feed them with hay, sugar or apples.

You can breed horses according to such a table from the following combinations:
Horse breeding / Minecraft mod 1.5.2

Recipe for making an undead potion.
Mod for Minikraft 1.5.2

Death potion, if you give it to the horse and ride, you will not be attacked by zombies, for crafting you need rotten flesh, the heart of the undead, and the sausage.

Fire Potion:

Download mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 / Fire potion recipe

For the potion you need the heart of the fire mob, which is located in the lower world, fire and the cap. Give this horse’s potion and turn it into a fire nightmare.

Potion of Darkness:
Potion of Darkness / Download mod for Mini craft 1.5.2

The potion will require Enderman's pearls, heart of darkness and cap. In the dark, if you give this horse a potion, they will become aggressive and no mob can resist this attack.

If you combine all three potions, you can get a potion of light.

Amulets are used to capture horses, even if it has armor or someone else’s equipment on it, after applying the amulet, everything will be reset. Only a few horses can be captured.

Amulet of heaven to capture Black Pegasus :
minecraft against 1.5.2

Amulet to capture a horse fairy:
Amulet / Minikraft fashion 1.5.2

Amulet to capture a horse ghost:
Amulet Ghost / Minecraft Mod

Amulet to capture a skeletal horse:
Amulet / Minecraft mod 1.5.2

Before riding horses, wear armor on them to reduce damage and protect them from hostile mobs.

Iron Armor for horses / Mo Creatures Minecraft mod

Gold armor for horses / Mo creatures mod

Diamond armor for horses / Minecraft mod 1.5.2

Saddle for horses:
Recipe for craft saddles for horses / Download mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 Mo Creatures

Friendly mob living in the water:
Download Mo Creatures 1.5.2 mod

In this mod there are eight species of different snakes, friendly ones that will hide in different biomes and poisonous snakes will spawn anywhere depending on their type of habitat. The snakes themselves will not attack you, they just do not explode like a creeper, if you go close to them they will hiss, this is a warning sign that you better come and go your way, but if you stand next to them in one place or go even closer they will attack you. When you have a bird or other small creature in your hand, the snake nearest you will attack, as they are hunters, and you stand in their way. There are also eggs that snakes leave behind. If you tame a snake, it will not attack you.

Dark Spotted Snakes:
Snakes - Minecraft - Mod 1.5.2

Dark Green Snakes:
Minecraft mod 1.5.2 / Snakes

Orange Snakes:
Orange Snakes / Minecraft Mod 1.5.2 / Mo Creatures

Green snakes:
Minecraft mod 1.5.2

Cobra snake:
Against Minecraft 1.5.2

Coral snake:
Snakes in Minecraft 1.5.2

Rattlesnake / Mod for Minecraft

Python snake:
Python Snake / Mo Creatures mod / Minecraft 1.5.2

Lion / Mo Creatures mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

This mod will replace standard large cats with lions. There are different individuals male and female, cheetahs, snow leopards, white tigers, panthers.

Scorpions / Minecraft mod 1.5.2

Scorpions are poisonous hostile mobs that hunt at night and can cause normal poison damage after an attack. Each of the scorpion species lives in different biomes. If you see a scorpion on whose back, a little scorpion, you can pick it up and tame it.

Dolphin / Minecraft mod 1.5.2

In this mod, there are six types of dolphins: green, pink, albino, purple, blue and dark dolphin. You can tame a dolphin if you feed it with raw fish, and then ride a dolphin, controlling it in which direction to swim.

Toxic stingrays:
Poisonous slopes / Mod for Minecraft

If you stumble upon a stingray in the water, you may receive slight poisoning damage.

Ostriches / Minecraft mod 1.5.2

Ostriches themselves will not attack you, they live in steppe biomes.

Minecraft mod 1.5.2

Turkeys are friendly mobs, you can cook from them.

Werewolves / Mo Creatures Minecraft Mod 1.5.2

In daylight, these are ordinary players with skins that are no different from others, but when night falls they turn into a werewolf. The most dangerous is the firewolf can quickly set you on fire. You can kill a werewolf with weapons made of silver or gold.

Download mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

A new ghostly mob that can fly will spawn only at the normal or difficult level set in the game.

Minecraft against 1.5.2

Turtles are friendly mobs, they will not attack you if you right-click on it and you can turn it over. You can tame the turtle by giving it slices of watermelon or reed.

Mice / Minecraft Mod

Download Minecraft mod 1.5.2

Deer are friendly mobs.

Pisces / Minecraft mod 1.5.2

There are different types of fish and coloring, the most dangerous species is piranha, stay away from water if you see something similar :)

Rabbits: You
Kroliki / Mod Mo creatures 1.5.2

can tame a rabbit. If you close two rabbits in a small place, they will breed.

Ducks: Foxes
Ducks / Minecraft Mod 1.5.2

Fox / Download Minecraft mod for free

Foxes attack small mobs (mice, snakes, rabbits, and so on).

Fiery hostile mob:
Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

These mobs you can only meet on a difficult level of difficulty of the game, they when they collide with an object set fire to everything around.

Fire Ghost: A
Ghost of Fire / Mo Creatures / Minecraft Mod 1.5.2

ghost appears at a high level in the game. In the dark you cannot pass him by, as this ghost is visible from far away.

How to install the mod?
  • Open the .minecraft / bin game folder in this folder, open the .minecraft.jar file and delete the META-INF folder
  • Install Minecraft Forge .
  • Install GuiAPI
  • Install Custom Mob Spawner mod
  • Open the downloaded archive with the mod and find the necessary version of the mod for your game there and transfer the .zip archive to the .minecraft / mods folder


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