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Download Mo'Swords mod (Swords) for Minecraft 1.12.2

Download Mo'Swords mod (Swords) for Minecraft 1.12.2

For cubic PVP fighters, we present a tournament collection of swords with fantastic damage that will take down any animal in the cubic world on the spot, as well as additional items and items have been added.




- A sword made of ice
- A fire sword
- A sword of cookies
- Carrot sword
- A sword of potatoes
- A copper sword
- A sword of fried steak
- A sword for pirates
- A sword made of precious emeralds
- A super cool ender weapon
- A sword in the shape of fireworks
- A sword made in the form of a baseball bat
- Sword made of durable obsidian material
- Sword for fighting demons in the lower world
- Samurai ninja sword


Additional items:

- Obsidian Ingot
- Demonic Glass
- Recipe Book
- Metric Ingot


Added magic aura:

- Fiery Aura
- Earth Aura
- Dark Aura 
- Aerial Aura 
- Ice Aura



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