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Download mod goblins and giants for Minecraft 1.7.10

The mod adds new mobs, blocks, items and a new dimension. 
You have to fight with hostile mobs and defeat the boss in the final battle, with the help of new things and additional addons .


Features of the mod:

- Dimension "Savannah"
You can get into the dimension of the Savannah, in which there is a temple located in the desert.

There are enough such structures in the desert and they are a bit like ordinary temples that are in the desert, but a flock of hostile mobs is hidden in them, traps are set and prize chests with various things are added.


- Vampire
New mob vampire. This mob can appear in almost any biome except one.
Sunlight is needed to destroy the vampire, after which it will burn in the sun.
After the destruction of the vampire, a bat will fly out of it, the damage of which is two hearts.


- Giant
Mob giant - These mobs appear only in dark places where there is little light, but in comparison with other night inhabitants of the cubic game, they can stay in the sun for a long time and stay alive.

These mobs will be difficult to find, in essence it is a harmless little animal, but if you decide to attack it, this mob will become a hostile monster, which will need to be defeated in the end of the battle.

The mob giant is so strong that it will be difficult to destroy it because it has a lot of health, but it has its positive aspects, they are slowly agile and this can be used to deliver a crushing blow and pick up trophies after a successful battle.


- Werewolf
Mob werewolf. Most werewolves appear at night and in dark places.

Werewolf after morning can again turn into an ordinary wolf.


- Orc
Mob Orc - These mobs spawn in the dark, but they can survive in the sun. When these mobs attack you, you will burn, so it’s better to attack these animals at a distance, taking with them a whole stack of arrows for your bow. 
After death, these mobs leave behind a sword, which contains the enchantment of fire. 


- Pigman
Mob pigmen are like piglets and this is good news if you are hungry for a cubic adventure, because after killing this mob you will get pork that can be thrown into the oven and cook a delicious dish.


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