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Download mod NEI - Not Enough Items for Minecraft 1.12.2

Download mod NEI - Not Enough Items for Minecraft 1.12..2

Mod NEI is a good helper in the game Minecraft, through which you can select many items, as well as additional information about recipes for crafting things. This mod was born a long time ago and has established itself only on the positive side among fans of the cubic sandbox .


Addon NEI - This is the main mod in which there is everything you need for a comfortable game.

     The mod’s GUI is turned on when you press the "O" button , if for some reason you don’t have a mod menu open, go to the game’s settings and see what buttons there are for Not Enough Items.


The switch for the subset of elements at the top of the NEI screen is a drop-down menu containing many different grouped sets of items. When you click on the selected menu item you can see all the items


Cheat mod and creativity mode
When you have creativity mode enabled in your NEI settings, the player gains control over additional functions inside the game and full access to all items. 


Four buttons with the image of the sun and moon - These are buttons for changing the time of day in the cubic world.

Using them, you can set the time until noon, dawn, midnight and twilight. 


Save and change functions in Not Enough Items to restore settings after turning the Minecraft game off or on.



     If you need to save your inventory, just simply left-click on an empty cell, after which you can be sure that all your items will be completely restored after restarting the cubic sandbox.


Download mod NEI - Not Enough Items for Minecraft 1.12..2



The menu has seven different cells to save your precious inventory, which contains the armor and the most powerful sword with maximum enchantment or other items that you found while traveling through the cube world of Minecraft.

Download mod NEI - Not Enough Items for Minecraft 1.12..2



Recipes of things and objects:

When a recipe can be made using several types of the same element, the ingredients will cycle through the available subtypes. 
For example, wool will change color, and ores will show other variations of the same ore in blocks and other colors.
If you press the key to display recipes (the "R" button should be by default ), then when you hover over any item, it will show crafting recipes for any of the selected items.

Download mod NEI - Not Enough Items for Minecraft 1.12..2

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