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Download mod Single Player Commands for Android for Minecraft PE

Download mod for Android - Single Player Commands 0.9.5 - 0.8.1

Now you will have a list of commands, after which you will feel like an administrator playing on your phone in Minecraft, you will change the game mode, turn on day or night, activate the flight mode to quickly build a house, fortress and other features of this mod.


The commands that are in this mod:

    /ascend – Ascends the player to the platform above
    /bind <COMMAND> [PARAMETERS] – Binds a command to a GUI button
    /bounce <POWER> – Launches the player into the air
    /cannon – Launches ignited TNT in the direction that the player is facing
    /clear – Clears the player’s survival inventory
    /coords – Shows the player’s current coordinates
    /descend – Descends the player to the platform below
    /explode – Sets off an explosion at the player’s location
    /gamemode [survival|creative|s|c|0|1] – Changes the player’s gamemode
    /give <ID|ITEMNAME> <QUANTITY> – Gives the player the specified item
    /heal [QUANTITY] – Heals the player by the specified points
    /health <min|max|infinite|get> – Sets the health of the player to pre-defiined figures
    /hole – Creates a hole underneath the player
    /ignite [SECONDS] – Sets the player on fire
    /jump – Teleports the player to the block being looked at
    /kill – Kills the player
    /lbind – /bind for left handed users
    /magiccarpet – Creates a carpet of glass underneath you
    /panorama – Makes viewing a panorama easier
    /spcpe – Provides generic information about SPCPE
    /time <day|night|sunrise|sunset|midday|midnight> – Sets the in-game time
    /tp <X> <Y> <Z> – Teleports the player to the specified coordinates
    /unbind – Unbinds all commands from the GUI button


To install the mod, you need to install Block Launcher

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