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Download Xnet mod for Minecraft 1.12.2, 1.11.2

Download Xnet mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 / 1.11.2


XNet Mod - This is an additional modification that adds mechanisms and new items. The designed mod is made in such a way that you will have the opportunity to create huge cable systems. Cables are not objects at the same time have very simple models and you can transport objects by cable over long distances .


And so let's talk a little about the technical features of this mod:

Routing setup:

     In the beginning, you have three local networks, in each of which you can add up to 8 channels, which can transport blocks, energy, liquid). There is a red, green and yellow channel. For example, if the red and green channels are connected to the same router, this way they will combine all the elements and in fact one router is enough to connect different channels. You can create channels from green, red networks and connect them to each other, but there is also a yellow network connected to another router. This is the remote network of the router to which the red and green channels are connected. In order for the channels to be accessible to other controllers, you must make a designation and make a unique name in the router, while pressing the right mouse button and make changes.

Colors and cables:
     Cables can have four different colors. They are used to be able to distinguish between several different networks located with each other. 

     Each network can have up to eight channels and each channel has its own specific type, whether it is an element, energy, blocks, and so on, which can be configured in the controller. Depending on the type of channel and the mechanics connected to this channel, different things are possible.


Networks: The
     global opportunity of this mod is a network representing basically one section of connected cables through connectors to various blocks, for example, to chests where all your belongings are located and to one more controller. 


Controller - This is the unit that does the actual work for specific networks.

     These devices are used to connect computers to a network. Thanks to this, various channels with different models will be able to perform their mechanical work. Conventional connectors allow access only through the side from which you install the connector., That is, for a vanilla oven with a normal connector, you can get a molten block of iron, gold and other materials. 


Energy extraction:
     In this connector, we simply extract any energy from the coal generator. Then it is distributed between the controller and the unit to which it is connected. 

Routing network:
     If you want to create more than eight channels and connect several different networks, then you need to make a route network using other mechanical routers, but the router is enough to connect six channels through which things will be transported and do not forget about the cables and connectors that will connect channels between each other.


Connected Channel:
     Each channel can be added to the routing network. This needs to be done in the routing graphical interface by right-clicking on the block and specifying its name. Published name - These are the names for the controller or router for which this channel will be connected through cables in the main network. 

Energy transfer: Energy transfer
     mechanisms can operate in different ways and are global systems with additional cells so that energy passes through a generator and connects to mechanical blocks.


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