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The Minecraft Build RPG is assembled from many mods that can transform vanilla Minecraft. You will meet with magic, new biomes and dimensions. First of all, your goal will be to complete quests, plunder the imperial lands and fight dragons. 


Custom music, a beautiful menu and many quests will diversify your game and will drag on for a long, long time! We are sure you will not get bored.

Downloads, Minecraft, RPG, Mods


List mods:

  • Ancient Warfare 2 - An extensive mod that adds to the game the creation of automatic farms that run on energy. Also, the mod adds the ability to create NPCs and pump them. You can name, dress, manage and more
  • Embers Rekindled - Dwarven technology. New weapons of the ancient race, resource processing, storage and new ores
  • End: Reborn - A small mod that expands the number of items and blocks associated with the End
  • Ice and Fire - The appearance of Dragons, Hippogriffs, Sirens, Pixies and Cyclops in the game. Dragons are divided into two types: ice and fire. Fire Dragons roam most of the inhabited world, while Ice Dragons only live in the coldest places
  • Lord Craft - Mod that adds arcane magic. You have to try hard to study it, but in return you will receive many interesting abilities and artifacts
  • Heir To The Crown - RPG build with quests
  • Better Animals Plus - Diversifies the game by adding new creatures. The mod contains passive mobs, hostile, as well as a mini-boss
  • Doomlike Dungeons - Changes to the cave generation system. Instead of the standard ones, catacombs will be generated, containing not only treasures, but also hostile mobs
  • Eerie Entities - Generation of mobs with new mechanics. Some of them will be hostile, while others, on the contrary, will not harm you.
  • Ender Zoo - Mod that diversifies your game by adding new versions of the already familiar mobs to all of us
  • Extra Utilities - Modification without a specific theme, adding various useful items and elements: pipes, generators and magic items
  • Inventory Pets - Mod that adds pocket pets with different abilities
  • NetherEx - Complete rework of hell. Now you can explore 4 unique biomes, each of which will be filled with new mobs, blocks and items
  • OpenBlocks - Modification to add various useful and funny blocks
  • Rustic - Adding medieval content like bees, alchemy, and lots of decorations
  • Traverse - Seven new biomes: autumn forest, mini-jungle, woodland, meadow, green swamp, red desert and forest with tall fir trees
  • Reliquary v1.3 - Magic mod that contains more than 50 new artifacts
  • Chest Transporter - Mod that allows you to drag and drop chests with all their contents
  • Iron Backpacks - Adding backpacks - portable storage, which can be improved with modules
  • Level Up! - Player leveling system. Adds RPG-style XP updates. By killing mobs, you will get XP, which will eventually give extra hearts of health
  • MegaLoot - The appearance of rare chests with weapons, armor and tools
  • RealBench - When you close the workbench, the items that were in it no longer drop out, and other people can freely see your crafting process
  • Roguelike Dungeons - New cave generation system. Added dungeons with randomly generated mazes filled with monsters
  • Spice of Life - Consistent eating the same food fills you less and less
  • StepUp - This modification will allow you to climb 1 block height without jumping
  • Storage Drawers - Mod that will add boxes to store your materials
  • Ambience - Mod that allows you to customize the music in the game
  • AppleSkin - A mod that adds AppleCore tweaks that allow you to find out the satiety from a particular food
  • Baubles - Addon for mods that adds slots for rings and amulets in the player's inventory
  • BetterFps - Increase FPS in the game
  • Better Questing - Create your own quests
  • Custom Main Menu - Mod that allows you to make changes to the game menu, completely transforming it
  • JEI - Recipes for crafting items and blocks
  • JourneyMap - Mod that adds a map with easy navigation. Map view is also available in the browser
  • The One Probe - Pop-up hints on the screen with information about a block or mob
  • VanillaFix - Improving the FPS in the game, as well as fixing some bugs


Downloads, Minecraft, RPG, Mods


With every minute, survival will acquire new shades, you will plunge into the complex magic of Ember and learn to open portals to new dimensions. 

Downloads, Minecraft, RPG, Mods


How to install:

  • Open AppData -> Roaming -> .minecraft
  • Transfer the contents of the Build RPG mods folder to .minecraft
  • Install Minecraft Forge 1.12.2
  • Select the version Minecraft Forge 1.12.2
  • You do not need to install Optifine, it is already in the mods folder.


Download from Google Drive

Download from Google Drive


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