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Minecraft PE mod Shark Biology 1.16 for Android

Minecraft PE mod Shark Biology 1.16 for Android

This mod adds five shark species to the game world. They will spawn in all large bodies of water in the game. Each of them poses a danger to the player if pissed off. More details below. 


In Minecraft have the opportunity to swim and survive right in the water. Only except for the drowned and guards in the water, nothing poses a danger to the player. Therefore, the Shark Biology mod was developed. 

Great White Shark Bites violently. Reaches six blocks in length. Does not attack the player until he shows aggression.


Great white shark in the water
Drops a surprise. Health - 26 hp.

Minecraft PE mod Shark Biology 1.16 for Android



Tiger Shark
Neutral. Spawns all over the world. Length - 5 blocks.
Tiger shark in water

Minecraft PE mod Shark Biology 1.16 for Android


Common Cat Shark
Neutral mob. Will not touch the player until he anger the creature. 
Common cat shark on land

Minecraft PE mod Shark Biology 1.16 for Android


Big-eyed fox shark
Fast, formidable rival. Spawns in all bodies of water. The length is not known exactly.


Reef Shark
Neutral towards the player, but you shouldn't get angry again. It re
aches three blocks in length.
Reef shark on landMinecraft PE mod Shark Biology 1.16 for Android


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How to install mod for Minecraft PE?

  • Download and Unzip archive
  • Install ES Explorer on your device
  • Through ES Explorer, open the folder in which the shark-biology.mcaddon file is located and launch it, Minecraft should open automatically and you will see at the top of the game screen that the addon is being imported
  • After successful import, go to settings, global resources and activate textures for addon.
  • When you create a map or play in a saved game, you need to go to the settings and activate the  parameter sets and resource sets


Download from Google Drive

Download from Google Drive


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