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Minecraft 1.14.4 with mods - Realistic build

Present to you a fairly simple Minecraft 1.14.4 client on the subject of realism and decor, there are forty mods in the client, there is no strong hardcore in terms of realism, there are useful mods that improve to cubic world.


We tried not to add large and complex mods to the game, not to make the game too realistic, but to leave it pleasant for most players to play, while you can see new biomes, evaluate more realistic mobs, train and pet your dog, build a house and decorate him.

Collect a real minecraft car, refuel it and drive it, listen to new sounds, sit down and crawl, travel through new caves.


List of mods:

  • Ultimate car - Mod on cars
  • Several popular shaders
  • Anvil Tweaks - Anvil Upgrade
  • Aquaculture is the new fish
  • Betteranimals - Realistic animals
  • Bettercaves - More realistic caves
  • Carry On - Lift and carry objects
  • Chickenshed - Chickens drop feathers
  • Friendlyfire - Don't damage your pet
  • Ftbutilitiesbackups - Create backups of the world
  • Furniture - Furniture and decor
  • GeneticAnimals - Realistic mobs, tons of mob variations
  • Cooking for Blockheads - Kitchen appliances
  • Craftingstation - Blocks do not drop from the workbench and lie on it
  • Craftingtweaks - Convenient workbench buttons
  • Damage indicator and health indicator
  • Doggy Talents Mod - Train your dog
  • Fishingreal - Realistic fishing
  • Goprone - The ability to crawl
  • Hwyla - Tips
  • Iron Chests - large chests
  • Mysticallib - Library
  • Snowrealmagic - Realistic snow
  • Weaker Spiderwebs - the web breaks during the passage
  • Xaeros - Minimap
  • Optifine - Optimization, shader support
  • Petyourwolf - The ability to pet a pet
  • Realisticfirespread - Burning mobs set fire to the environment



  • Download the archive and unzip it to any folder
  • Run any launcher and install Minecraft Forge 1.14.4 28.1.90
  • Copy all folders to .minecraft
  • Select version in the launcher with Forge 1.14.4 28.1.90


Download from Google Drive

Download from Google Drive


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