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Minecraft parachute mod for version 1.5.2
Download mod for Minecraft / Parachute
The mod for Minecraft adds the ability to use a parachute. If you have climbed high on the rocks and you just do not want to go down the same way, for this take and make yourself a parachute. The parachute is made very easily for this you will need 3 blocks of wool, 2 threads and leather. Parachutes come in different colors, and after opening the parachute, a random color is selected. When you have made a backpack, take it in your hands and jump off the cliff and at the same time you need to press the right mouse button to activate the mod.

Crafting recipe:
Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 - Parachute

Instructions or how to properly install a mod for Minecraft:
  • First you need to install ModLoader and MinecraftForge
  • Download and unpack the archive.
  • Open the downloaded archive with the mod and transfer all 3 folders to the minecraft.jar file


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