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Mod Terrain Map for Minecraft 1.5.2
Mod - Map for Minecraft / Rei's Minimap

The mod for Minecraft adds a mini-map to the game that is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, with which you will always know which side you are in, you will be able to navigate the terrain. The construction sites of this map have many functions, showing chunks for slugs, disabling or enabling the display of terrain, viewing the coordinates of the territory, putting markers and many other functions in this mod for Minecraft Rei's Minimap.
Map control buttons:
  • M - Open the map menu
  • Z and X - Increases or decreases the display of the terrain scale on the map
Instructions or how to install the Rei's Minimap mod:
  • Install ModLoader for Minecraft .
  • Download the mod with the map.
  • Open the downloaded archive and transfer the entire contents of the archive to the .minecraft.jar file located in the .minecraft/bin directory
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